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2017-2018 Student Handbook

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Simpson County Academy

Student Handbook



Our goal at Simpson County Academy (SCA) is to see each student strive to be the best he or she can be.  We have a caring, professional staff, and we want to see every student to experience  the joy of success.


We look forward to working with all students and parents as we prepare for another great year.  


All policies and information may be deleted or added upon by the discretion of the Headmaster and the Board of Directors.  


Simpson County Academy Vision


We are a dynamic, private educational institution dedicated to Christian values, academic excellence, and athletic achievement.  


Simpson County Academy Handbook Purpose


The purpose of the handbook is to convey to the students and parents information concerning the operation of Simpson County Academy.  Written here are the rules and regulations adopted as guidelines for the 2017-2018 school year.  The administration of SCA has carefully planned and written policies and procedures that will affect the school year.  Please keep in mind that these are only guidelines, and situations may occur that are not referenced in this book.  In such cases, the administration will handle these situations in a manner that is best for your child and SCA.  


Goals and Objectives


In order to achieve the philosophy of SCA, we believe our students should be:

Present and prepared to learn every day

Developing proper study skills

Participating in school activities

Moving toward accomplishing their goals

Developing skills that will prepare them for college and future careers

Developing an appreciation for the difference in others

Developing a respect for authority and an appreciation for the need for order

Learning to appreciate the rights and freedoms we enjoy as Americans

Cultivating an appreciation for the arts

Developing Christian values


2017-2018 Board of Directors

President -

Vice President




Three additional patrons will be elected to serve on the Board of Directors at the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting which is held annually on the second Tuesday in August.  


Board of Directors Monthly Meeting


The Board of Directors of Simpson Academy, Inc. meets the last Monday of each month unless special circumstances require the meeting to be changed to an alternate date.  The Board of Directors is composed of nine members, each being a stockholder who is duly elected by the stockholders of the corporation during the annual stockholders meeting and also has a child/stepchild currently enrolled.  The purpose of the Board of Directors is to establish policy and ensure that the policy is carried out by administration and school personnel.  It is not the purpose of the Board of Directors to be actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the school.  


The Board of Directors respectfully requests that all matters regarding day-to-day operations of the school be directed to the attention of the Headmaster or other appropriate school personnel.  


Simpson County Academy Grades 7-12 Faculty and Staff


Headmaster - Billy Wayne Hankins

High School Principal - Carey Crain

Counselor - Jamie Rogers

Athletic Director - Winston Mullins

Business Manager - Karen Brown

Secretary - Wanda Britt



Courtney Womack

Carey Lee


7th-12th Teachers


7th/8th/11th        Lynn Hubbard

9th/10th        Marbeth Gray

12th            Wendy Gibson


7th Math        MeShay Franklin

8th Pre-Algebra    MeShay Franklin

8th/9th Algebra I     Chris Murphy

Geometry        Hannah Barnard

Algebra II        Pat May

Algebra III        Carey Crain


Calculus         Chris Murphy


7th Life Science    Beverly Padgett

8th Earth Science    Beverly Padgett

9th Biology I        MeShay Franklin, Niki Warren

10th Biology II    Brandi Giordano

10th Physical Sci    Chris Murphy

11th Chemistry I    Niki Warren   

12th Chemistry II    Niki Warren

12th Physics        Dan Napier

12th A&P        Brandi Giordano


7th World         Beverly Padgett, Marbeth Gray

8th American     Aimee Green

9th MS/Geography    Kevin Davis

10th World        Aimee Green

11th US        Kevin Davis

12th Economics    Amy McWilliams

12th Government     Amy McWilliams

Foreign Language

10th Spanish I    Kimberly Payne

11th Spanish II    Kimberly Payne


8th Comp. App.    Judy McDonnieal

9th STEM        Judy McDonnieal


Art            Kimberly Payne

Drama        Niki Warren


Accounting I         Amy McWilliams

7th Bible        James Crain

High School Bible    Gird Warren

Consumer Math    Dan Napier/Hannah Barnard/Meshay Franklin



Jr. High Daily Bell Schedule


Building Opens


Tardy Bell Rings


1st Period




2nd Period


3rd Period




4th Period


5th Period


6th Period


7th Period


  High School Daily Bell Schedule


Building Opens


Tardy Bell Rings


1st Period


2nd Period




3rd Period


4th Period




5th Period


6th Period


7th Period


Simpson County Academy Student Admission Policy


Simpson County Academy is an accredited, coeducational, college preparatory school for grades K3-12.  Enrollment is open to students who meet entrance requirements and who progress satisfactorily in both academics and conduct.  


No student will be admitted without proper documentation from school previously attended.  Records from previous school must show grades earned and standardized test performance.  In addition, students will be required to take an entrance exam for proper grade placement.  


Enrollment at Simpson County Academy must follow these guidelines:

Parents and prospective student must file an application of admission and meet with the Headmaster.  This application will be reviewed by the admissions committee.  Parents must also sign a drug testing consent form and submit it with the enrollment application.  

Students presently enrolled at SCA who are in good standing academically and behaviorally and current on fees and tuition will be allowed to pre-register for the following school year before enrollment is opened to other students.  

Students will be enrolled on a probationary one year period from the date of enrollment.  Academic progress and conduct during this period will determine continued enrollment.  

Students may only be enrolled if there is a vacancy in that particular class.  The SCA policy on enrollment capacity must not be exceeded.  

Students must provide a birth certificate, social security card, and immunization record.  

Transfer students with previous discipline problems may be asked to submit a criminal background check provided to SCA before being considered for enrollment.  

Failure to disclose prior suspensions, expulsions, arrest, or positive drug test can result in the termination of the application or enrollment.  


Financial Policy

Stock Policy

Each family must have nine shares of stock in order to attend Simpson County Academy.

Monthly Tuition

Payment will be accepted in the Business Office, or your account can be set up for automatic draft payments. Contact Karen Brown with questions.

If the account becomes 60 days past due, the student will not be allowed to participate in any extracurricular activities, elections, or events.  

If the account becomes 90 days past due, the student will be dismissed from SCA.  To re-enter, the student will have to complete the new student admissions process.  

Check Policy

SCA does not hold checks or accept post-dated checks for future deposit.  

Patrons whose checks are returned to SCA unpaid due to insufficient funds, closed accounts, etc. will be charged a returned check fee of $30.00 and a late fee of $20.00.  This amount is to be charged on all returned checks, regardless of the amount.  


Legal Action

Any and all persons, whether students, parents, patrons, or guests, attending or participating in any event, function, meeting, or activity involving Simpson County Academy, Inc., shall refrain from filing, commencing, or participating in any and all legal action of any kind whatsoever, unless good cause be shown for said legal action, against Simpson County Academy, Inc., its officers, directors, administrators, teachers, employees, or agents.  

In the event said legal action is taken without good cause, then the person taking legal action, and their immediate family members, may be banned from attending or participating in any future activities involving Simpson County Academy, Inc. and may have their admission to Simpson County Academy, Inc. forfeited.  The Board of Directors shall determine, on a case by case basis, whether or not good cause is shown.  


Bullying and Hazing

Bullying or hazing of any kind is unacceptable and should be reported to the faculty and/or administration.  The school is prepared to take action to correct and prevent violations of this nature.  

Bullying or hazing can be physical, emotional, or through social media.  



Harassment of any kind based on race, economic status, gender, religion, or background will not be tolerated.  

Anyone guilty of any type of harassment, will be suspended or expelled.  


Social Media Policy

Students will be reprimanded for any inappropriate behavior or action as defined by school guidelines. Said actions will be reprimanded if directed towards other

students, faculty, staff,school, or family members of other students, faculty, or staff. This includes items posted on social network sites including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or other data sharing services and/or applications.  Inappropriate behaviors on social media networks shall include, but may not be limited to, photos, statements, or other posted information. Students will be reprimanded by school guidelines.

Teachers or any staff that commit inappropriate behavior or action towards students, other staff, or the family members of other student, faculty, or staff through social media will be suspended for the day without pay for the first violation. A second violation may result in termination.


Emergency School Dismissal or Emergency Situations on Campus

In case of emergency or hazardous conditions (usually weather related), SCA may cancel school or release students in advance of normal dismissal time.  Should this situation occur, notification will be given as early as possible.  Information will be communicated through RenWeb’s Parent Alert text message system, Twitter (@SCACougars), and Facebook (Simpson County Academy).  

In the event of a lockdown or other emergency situation, students will not be allowed to dismiss until emergency officials have given the all clear.   This is for the safety of the students.  


Fire, Tornado, and Lockdown Drills

Disaster preparedness drills for fire, tornado, and lockdown will be conducted during each semester of the school term.

In the event of a lockdown or other emergency situation, students will not be allowed to dismiss until emergency officials have given the all clear.   This is for the safety of the students.  


First Aid

If a child needs to take prescription medication, the parent should send the child’s medication in the original prescribed container along with a note giving specific instructions.  


Vehicles on Campus, Driving, and Parking

Driving on campus is a privilege for the students.  

A student must have a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance to operate a vehicle on campus.  Students who drive a vehicle to school must register the vehicle in the school office by presenting their driver’s license and insurance documents. A copy of the driver’s license and insurance must be on file in the office. Upon registration, students will be issued a parking space with an assigned number.  The students will be given a parking identification sticker/tag with the assigned parking space number.  The sticker/tag should be placed in the front windshield .  Students must park in the assigned space.  Failure to do so will result in loss of driving privileges on campus.  

Upon arrival at school, a student must park his/her vehicle in the proper area, leave the vehicle and not return to the vehicle during the day unless the student has been granted permission to do so from administration.  Returning to the vehicle during the day without permission will result in detention.  

Any student who drives recklessly, speeds or fails to operate his/her vehicle in a safe manner will lose the privilege of driving on campus.  Any student driving on campus without a valid license will automatically surrender keys and only a licensed driver may drive the car off campus.

Loud vehicles and music are disruptive and will not be allowed.  

Student vehicles may be searched if reasonable suspicion occurs.  Any alcohol, drugs, or weapons found in a vehicle will result in suspension or expulsion.  


Student Drug Testing Policy

All students in grades 7-12 are required to participate in the drug-screening program at Simpson County Academy.  Any student who refuses to participate will be dismissed from school immediately.  

Drug screening results will be reported only to the Headmaster.  

If a student refuses or cannot produce a urine sample, a hair sample will be taken.  

If a student tests positive, the following steps will be taken:

The student and parents/guardians will be advised.

The student will then be required to attend an approved drug counseling program at the expense of the parents with proof of attendance to be furnished to SCA and will serve an automatic three day suspension away from school.

The drug counselor will determine the length/manner of the program to fit the student.

If a parent refuses to complete a counseling program for his/her child, the student will be dismissed from school.

Students testing positive on first test will automatically be tested each subsequent visit.

A second positive test will result in automatic expulsion with no opportunity for re-admittance.


Student Alcohol Testing Policy

Students may be required to submit to testing for alcohol content in their blood.  Students are subject to testing during school hours or during any school event (example:  prom, athletic events on and off campus).  Testing will be accomplished by use of a “Breath tester” device.  The procedures shall be:

Student will be asked to submit the test based on reasonable suspicion that his/her body system has alcohol content.  

Student will be tested privately in the presence of at least one witness.  

Results of the test shall be made known immediately to the student.  

In case of positive reading, the student’s parents, guardian, or other authorized individuals will be notified of the test results.  The student shall remain on campus until the appropriate person(s) come to school to escort the student off campus.  The student shall immediately be placed on suspension.  Length of suspension shall be determined by the Headmaster and all guidelines regarding suspension as indicated in the school handbook will be applicable.

Failure to agree to submit to the “Breath tester” will result in automatic suspension.  

In case of a second offense, the student shall be expelled from SCA with no opportunity for re-admittance.


Student use or possession of any type of tobacco is prohibited at SCA.  

Any student found with tobacco will be suspended.  

Repeated offenses could result in expulsion.  


Weapons on Campus

Mississippi State Law prohibits weapons from being on a school campus.  Anyone found with a weapon on campus will be suspended or expelled.  Toy weapons are not allowed on campus (Exception:  History re-enactments on campus as part of classroom instruction).  Tasers are considered weapons.  


Building and Grounds Policy

The high school will be open each morning at 7:30 a.m.  Faculty members will be on duty in their classrooms and students may enter beginning at 7:45 a.m.  

Use of campus and facilities must be approved by the Board of Directors and Headmaster.



Every effort is made to provide the students at SCA with the most modern textbooks available.  In view of the involved, we expect each student to be responsible for the material issued to him/her and to return them in the same condition as issued.  Damage or destruction of textbooks will not be permitted.  Fines will be assigned on a book by book basis.  

The average cost of a textbook is $80.00.

Destroyed or lost textbooks:  Students who destroy, lose, or damage textbooks will be assigned a fine based on the following scale:

Destroyed or lost        Replacement cost

New textbook    100%

Used textbook    10% depreciation allowance per year of use

Damaged        Heavy damage – 80% of book value

Medium damage – 40% of book value

Light damage – 20% of book value



No student should be in the gym before, during, or after school without supervision of a school official.  



All visitors, including parents, are required to check in with the front office.  A visitor MUST get a visitors pass from the elementary or high school office.  

Please DO NOT go to classrooms without permission.


Cell Phone Policy for Students

Use of cellphones is not permitted during school hours.  If a cell phone is brought on campus, it must be left in the student’s vehicle or checked into the office.  

Students may retrieve phones at the end of the day.  

Students caught with a cell phone during school hours will have the cell phone taken away and will have to serve Wednesday Detention for the first and second offense. The third offense will result in suspension.  


Technology Policy (Devices)

Personal devices such as iPads, tablets, laptops, are not allowed during school hours.  Wearable devices with internet capabilities such as Smartwatches are not allowed during school hours.  If devices are being used during school hours, the device will be taken away and the student will serve Wednesday detention for the first and second offense.  The third offense will result in suspension.  

If a device is required by a teacher for his/her class, it will be provided by the school.   

Devices are not to be used at school during instructional time for reasons other than instructional purposes.  

If a device is used during instructional time to take pictures and/or post to social media, the device will be confiscated and the student will serve Wednesday Detention for the first and second offense.  The third offense will result in suspension.  

Teachers and administration reserve the right to prohibit a student from using a device in their class or at school.  


Disciplinary Policy and Corporal Punishment

Simpson Academy’s faculty, staff, administration, and board of directors are committed to providing its students an environment conducive to learning.  Therefore, students should be polite and well behaved each day.  Any violation of a rule will result in a visit to the office.  Consequences for violations of the rules include:  Wednesday Detention, In-School Suspension, Suspension and/or Corporal Punishment.

All students who attend Simpson Academy are subject to corporal punishment, or paddling.  The administration and faculty realize that this type of discipline is not a cure all for negative behavior, but it may be used if circumstances indicate the need for strong measures.  

Corporal punishment is given only by the administration.  


Food and Drink Regulations

Students are not permitted to bring food, candy, or chewing gum inside the classrooms or buildings.  Any violation will result in detention.  

Students are permitted to have only bottled water in the classrooms.  

No food or drinks are to be carried out of the cafeteria to the classrooms.  


Cafeteria Behavior

Students are expected to remain quiet and orderly during lunch period, whether it is in line or at the tables.  No loud talking and good manners must be observed.  The eating areas should be kept clean and neat.  Lunch should be a pleasant experience for everyone.  Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated.  

ALL students MUST remain in the cafeteria until the bell sounds for next class.  

Any violation will result in detention.


Library Media Room/ Computer Lab

The purpose of the library media room is to provide students and teachers with access to different types of media and technology.  The room will contain materials and devices for research, periodicals and magazines for research and pleasure reading, and a variety of books for students for student use.   



All students should maintain regular attendance.  This is necessary to keep up with daily work and to conform to state laws.  Every effort should be made to have family and activity plans conform to the school calendar.  Excessive absences and/or tardiness could result in lowered grades, failures, disciplinary action and possible expulsion.  


All absences are recorded on the student’s permanent record.  

No student shall be promoted or receive credit whose absences exceed 20 class periods in a subject (7th-12th) during a school year or 10 class periods per subject for one semester classes.  

Upon returning to school, the student will report to the office to receive an excused or unexcused absence.  A signed note from a parent or a doctor’s excuse is required for an excused absence.  

Excused absences will be granted for the following reasons:

Illness of student

Serious illness of immediate family

Death in family

Medical appointments which cannot be made outside school hours

Special trips – It is recognized that some trips are of educational value and/or necessity.  These can be approved by the administration with prior notice.  The student will be responsible for all work missed and expected to cooperate with the teacher(s) on all assignments and makeup deadlines.  

Approved school-sponsored activities

Unexcused absences – Any absence which does not fit the above criteria will be considered unexcused.  Unexcused absences will result in a zero for the school work missed.  Students will be required to make up missed work according to the direction of the appropriate teacher.  

SCA will adhere to the MAIS absentee policy which states, “No student shall be promoted to the next grade whose absences exceed 20 days per year, “even if they are considered “excused.”

Upon returning to school, a student has three (3) days to make up work.  Assignments not completed by the third day will result in a grade of zero (0).   

Students who are absent more than one academic period during the school day are ineligible to participate in all school extracurricular activities for that day.  Special circumstances may be taken into consideration by the Headmaster.  

If a student is in class when a test is announced, the student must make up the test the day he/she returns to school.  Any reviews must be communicated between the student and teacher.



A student who is tardy to class will be asked to get an excuse from the office.  

Each student is allowed three excused tardies per semester.  

The fourth through seventh tardy during the semester will result in detention.  On the day of detention, the student will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities.  

The eighth tardy during the semester will result in suspension.  


Academic Integrity Policy


Simpson Academy expects each student enrolled to conduct him or herself with academic integrity in all subject areas. A violation of academic integrity can include but is not limited to the following areas:




The Modern Language Association (MLA) gives the following explanation of plagiarism:  


Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines plagiarizing as committing “literary theft.” Plagiarism is presenting another person’s ideas, information, expressions, or entire work as one’s own. It is thus a kind of fraud: deceiving others to gain something of value. While plagiarism only sometimes has legal repercussions (e.g., when it involves copyright infringement—violating an author’s exclusive legal right to publication), it is always a serious moral and ethical offense.


Examples of plagiarism could include the following:

Presenting someone else’s work (i.e. - essay, research paper, project, math assignment, etc.) as one’s own - This could include having another student, parent, or friend do some or all of an assignment

Failure to properly cite direct quotations or paraphrasing from any internet or print source


Collusion - the supporting or assistance of another’s academic dishonesty


Examples of collusion are as follows:

Writing or creating another student’s paper or project for him/her

Allowing another student to copy from one’s test, paper, homework, project, or other assignment

Sharing information regarding assessment contents and questions with other students


Cheating - use or attempted use of any prohibited aid or assistance on an assessment, paper, project, homework, or any type of assignment


Examples of cheating include but may not be limited to the following:

Copying another student’s answers or work without his/her consent

Providing answers or work for another student (collusion)

Any type of unauthorized communication with any other person inside or outside the classroom (via an electronic device such as texting, email, etc.)

Use of materials or devices (cheat sheets, notes, textbook, calculators, etc.) except when given explicit permission by the instructor

Accessing or reading a copy of an assessment prior to its administration

Alteration of an assignment - changing the contents of an assignment or project after it has been graded in order to dishonestly obtain a higher grade or claim an error in grading

Duplication of Work - Submitting an assignment in more than one course

An example would be writing an informative report on Abraham Lincoln in history and then turning it in for a grade in English, as well.


Academic integrity is believed to be the responsibility of all parties involved - school personnel, students, and parents. Specific responsibilities are as follows:


School Personnel


Administrators will stress to teachers and students the importance of reading, understanding, and following the Simpson Academy Academic Integrity policy.

Teachers will begin the school year by reviewing the Academic Integrity policy with students and address specific subject area concerns.

Teachers will demonstrate and model academic integrity with all lesson materials.

Teachers will certify that all work turned in is the original work of the student to the best of his/her knowledge.

Teachers will purposefully monitor classroom and testing environments for any academic dishonesty.

Teachers will provide knowledge and direction to students about how to avoid academic dishonesty.

Teachers will provide students with instruction about the proper way to cite original authorship of works or ideas (MLA for English, History and Math classes, APA for Experimental Sciences and Psychology)

Teachers will report any academic dishonesty to administration.

Teachers will maintain parent contact when any academic dishonesty is suspected and/or proven.



Students will read and understand the Academic Integrity Policy of Simpson Academy and be aware of any consequences for violation of the policy.

Students will understand the proper way to cite original authorship of works or ideas (MLA for English, History and Math classes, APA for Experimental Sciences and Psychology) as presented by their instructors.

Students will be responsible and proactive asking for guidance in areas which they are uncertain or need further instruction.

Students will be observant of deadlines for assignments, comply with those deadlines, and suffer any consequences when those deadlines are not met.



Read and understand the Simpson Academy Academic Integrity Policy.

Encourage students to comply with all aspects of  the above mentioned policy.


Consequences for Failure to Comply with Academic Integrity Policy


1st Offense

No credit or a grade of zero will be given for work in question.

A meeting will be held with the student, teacher, and administrator to determine the reasoning for which the academic misconduct occurred.

Documentation of the academic misconduct will be recorded in RenWeb.

Parent contact will be made via email or phone.

Depending on the severity of the misconduct, detention or suspension may be issued. A team of school administration and classroom teachers will make this determination.

If it is deemed that the misconduct was committed in some way unintentionally or out of ignorance on the student’s part, the student may be given a chance to complete work similar to the assignment in question for partial credit. This will be at the Headmaster’s discretion.


2nd Offense

No credit or a grade of zero will be given for work in question.

A meeting will be held with the student, teacher, and administrator to determine the reasoning for which the academic misconduct occurred.

Documentation of the academic misconduct will be recorded in RenWeb.

Student will receive a minimum of 1 day and maximum of 3 day suspension.

Student will not be permitted to return to class until a parent meeting is held.


3rd Offense

No credit or a grade of zero will be given for work in question.

A meeting will be held with the student, teacher, and administrator to determine the reasoning for which the academic misconduct occurred.

Documentation of the academic misconduct will be recorded in RenWeb.

Minimum of 3 day suspension.

Student will not be permitted to return to class until a parent meeting is held.

Possible expulsion.



Detention will normally be on Wednesday beginning at 3:00. Detention may include writing exercises, picking up trash, and/or assisting with any needs at the school.  

A student that receives their fourth detention in a semester will serve an in-school suspension.

The fifth detention per semester will result in suspension.



A student suspended will receive 2 points off his final grade for the grading period in which it occurred.  

For in-school suspension, a student will receive 1 point off his final grade for the grading period in which it occurred.  



SCA reserves the right to suspend or expel a student guilty of serious or criminal misconduct whether occurring on or off the school campus.  


School Property

Everyone associated with Simpson County Academy is expected to respect and protect school property.  Students who willfully damage or otherwise cause Simpson Academy to incur financial loss shall be held liable for all replacement cost of damaged property and /or reimbursement of all monies expended by Simpson Academy due to the student’s destructive behavior.  Under certain conditions, expulsion from school or criminal prosecution is a possibility.


Early Dismissal Policy

There are two ways a student may be dismissed from school prior to 3:00 p.m. without a parent or adult present:

A student must have written permission from his/her parent.  This written request must be dated and signed by a parent.  Written requests must be turned into the office by the start of 1st period.  

A verbal request will only be accepted in case of a family emergency and approved by administration.

A student may be signed out in the school office by a parent or an adult who has been previously approved by the parent.  Students will not be allowed to return to school that day.  Doctor or dental appointments, emergencies, funerals, etc. are exempt from this policy with the approval of the Headmaster.

Parents must notify the school office of any person who has permission to check out the student.  This information will be on file in the office.

Students will be excused from school to take their driver’s license exam.  


Student Dress Code for Grades 4-12

Student attire and appearance will be checked each morning during first period and throughout the day.  The Headmaster, staff, or appointed representative will decide whether or not questionable attire is acceptable.  Students who violate the dress code will face disciplinary action.  

Approved dress code polo shirts and outerwear must be purchased from 4 Sunz Sports & Graphics in Magee (Formerly Bob’s).   These polo shirts and outerwear are to be worn Monday – Thursday and shirts must be tucked in at all times.  On Friday, SCA t-shirts and sweatshirts may be worn.

Pants, shorts or skorts of appropriate length (finger-tip length), or capris of tan khaki color or blue denim may be worn. No shorts with liners such as PFG or Southern Marsh will be considered appropriate. Belts MUST be worn.

Shoes or sandals must be worn.

Boys must be clean-shaven with no extreme haircuts.  Hair should be well groomed. No headbands or accessories allowed.  

For girls, no extreme haircuts, hairdos, or hair color is allowed.  Ornamental body piercing shall not be visible for girls except for the ears.  

Males may have no ornamental piercing.

No hats, caps, sweatbands, bandannas, or sunglasses will be allowed.  

Clothing which has tears, cuts, or holes that show skin are not permitted.  

With administration approval, team uniforms or suits may be worn on game days. Dress code bottoms must be worn at all times.

Permanent tattoos shall not be visible.   


Communicable Disease or Illness

Simpson Academy is concerned about the ultimate health, safety, and protection of all individuals on Simpson’s campus.  Students diagnosed with an infectious disease must inform the Headmaster immediately upon discovery.  Simpson Academy reserves the right to deny the return of any infected person to the campus.  Confidentiality of medical status will be maintained in accordance with HIPPA.


Pregnancy/Special Student Policy

It is the policy of SCA not to permit a pregnant student to continue in attendance during the pregnancy.  The student may continue schoolwork at home through MAIS’s Online Program at the expense of the parents.   Testing to be provided by designated school personnel after school hours.  This policy also applies to the expectant father if he is a SCA student.  Proof of fatherhood in a matter of this nature must be legally established in order for this policy to be administered equitably.  However, if fatherhood admission is made by the male student, it should be witnessed by the parents and documented by the headmaster.  Burden of proof for the determination does not rest with Simpson Academy.  

Both the mother and father may continue in attendance after the birth.  Any student who became a parent during their tenure at SCA shall not be allowed to participate in athletic activities or elected to any class officer or honors (i.e. Mr. or Mrs. SCA, homecoming court, class favorites, etc.)  However, the student may participate in academic clubs, provided he or she meets the eligibility requirements.  He or she would also be allowed to participate in on-campus club activities and travel to academic competitions.  However, he or she would not be allowed to hold an office in the club, attend any off campus conventions or conferences where the student was not participating in an academic competition.  Before the student will be allowed to participate in any off-campus activity, it must be approved by the headmaster to insure that it is academically associated.  The student would be allowed to receive honors and scholarships, if applicable.  The student is not allowed to bring the baby to school during school hours.


Withdrawal Procedures

Students who withdraw from Simpson Academy must return all textbooks, supplies and materials belonging to SCA.  All fees, tuition, or other charges must be paid before records or grades can be released.  A transcript of the student’s grades will not be forwarded until the student has cleared all accounts.  


Field Trips

Field Trips must be educational and relate to a lesson or objective in the classroom. Exceptions to this would be a trip to reward students for academic success such as ACT 25 Club or AR.  

No field trips will be taken during the fourth nine weeks.  Any exception must be approved by the headmaster.  Each student will be expected to attend the trip without exception unless approved by the headmaster.  Choosing to not attend the trip will result in an unexcused absence.  


Eligibility Requirements for Jr. High and Varsity Athletics

First and foremost, each SCA student must meet all MAIS eligibility rules.  In addition to the MAIS rules, any SCA student in an extracurricular activity cannot participate if he/she:

Is failing two or more classes at the end of the nine weeks


Is not maintaining an overall average of 75

No probation period.  Player is out for 4 ½ weeks (progress report).  Grades will be reviewed at progress report.

At the end of the school year, this eligibility policy will be consecutively carried over into the next school year.  

No athlete will be allowed to quit one sport and go into another sport.  If an athlete does quit a sport, he will not be allowed to practice until the season is over for the sport the athlete has quit.  Example:  a football player may not quit football and be allowed to participate in basketball until the football season is over.  

Students who are absent more than one academic period during the school day are ineligible to participate in all school extracurricular activities for that day.  The Headmaster may take special circumstances into consideration.

In order to remain eligible for extracurricular activities, a student’s account must be up-to-date.  Any student account that becomes sixty days overdue will not be allowed to participate until said account is brought current.


Requirements for Participation in Extracurricular Activities, Elections, and Events


Student Council

Senior High Student Council – Election of Officers

President – elected from senior class-to-be by the student body, grades 9-11.  A student may not serve as both the student council president and the class president.

Vice-President – elected from junior class-to-be by the student body, grades 9-11

Secretary and Treasurer – elected from the sophomore class-to-be by the student body, grades 9-11

Representatives – each class, grades 9-11, elects three representatives

Junior High Student Council – Election of Officers

President – elected from the freshmen class-to-be by the student body, grades 6-8

Representatives – each class, grades 6-8, elects two representatives

The Junior High Student Council, once elected, will then elect a Vice-President from the 8th grade-to-be and a Secretary/Treasurer from the 7th grade-to-be.

Qualifications for Student Council Officers and Representatives:

The President must have been a member of the Student Council for a minimum of one year prior to his/her election to this office.

Overall 85 average (averages are determined through the third nine weeks of the election year)

Cannot have a failing average in any class for the grade determination period

Satisfactory school conduct


Class Officer Elections

The following officers will be selected by each class in grades 7-12:






Qualifications for being elected as a class officer:

Overall 85 average at the time of election.  85 average or above must be maintained throughout the year of service.

No more than 5 absences per semester.

Must have a history of good behavior at school.

Those candidates who meet the above requirements will be eligible for class officer election.  Also, each grade’s class officers will oversee a class project for the grade.  The project will be approved by the Headmaster and class sponsors.


Who’s Who and Homecoming Elections

The annual staff will administer the election.  Rules for the elections will be approved by the Headmaster and the SCA Board of Directors.  Winner will be announced following the election results.  

The Who’s Who will be held before the pageant.  Winners are to wear nice sportswear to be recognized.  Mr. and Miss. SCA may wear formal wear if they choose, but they are not required to do so.

Students may not have a failing grade in any class from the preceding nine week grading period and must have an 85 overall grade point average.  

Elections will be as follows:

Nominations will be taken.  Students will vote on nominees using Google Forms.  Students will select one boy and one girl on each ballot.  Students may receive one overall title, with the exception of winning the title of Most Intellectual.  Most Intellectual will be the student with the highest academic averages in the senior year.  

Only seniors will be on the ballot for the following titles:

Mr. and Miss SCA

Most Likely to Succeed

Overall titles will be selected from the students in 10th-12th grades:

Most Spiritual Minded

Most Versatile

Most Athletic

Best School Spirit


Most Popular

Class Titles

Students in grades 10-12 will elect 2 boys and 2 girls for class favorites.

Jr. High Titles

Two boys and two girls will be elected as favorites from the 9th grade.  Mr. and Miss SCA Junior High will also be elected from the freshman class, and they will not be eligible to win freshman class favorite.

Mr. and Miss SCA and SCA Junior High must have an 85 or above average and have been at SCA for two full years when nominated.  No students who are failing a class at the end of the first nine weeks will be eligible for any awards.  Also, no students with excessive behavior problems will be eligible.  

The ballot will be prepared using Google Forms and emailed to each student’s school email address.  

Beauty Pageant

Each year, the SCA Beauty Pageant is sponsored by the SCA Annual Staff.  Girls in grades 7-12 are eligible to participate.  

The SCA pageant will be held at the discretion of the Annual Staff Sponsor, and eligibility rules for extracurricular activities apply.

Registration forms are available in the office.  The form must be signed and turned into the office before the end of the registration period which is two weeks prior to the pageant.  

An entrance fee to defray the cost of the pageant is charged to each contestant and should be paid at the time of registration.

Beaus volunteer from the student body and will compete during the pageant.  The judges will select Most Handsome and four alternates.  

Accounts must be current for students to participate in the pageant.  



A student must meet the SCA academic requirements outlined under the heading of extracurricular activities in the handbook.

A student must be in good financial standing with the school and have no outstanding debts for tuition or other expenses.  

A student must be pre-registered for the next school year.

A student must have a physical.  The students will be provided with a form that must be signed by the examining physician.  This form will be kept on record in the school office.

All uniforms must be approved by the Headmaster.

Cheerleaders are also subject to the cheerleader handbook.

Dance Team members are also subject to the Dance Team Handbook.  


A student must meet all the above conditions to be eligible to participate in SCA cheerleader or Dance Team tryouts.  She must also pay a $25 tryout fee and submit a signed permission/commitment form.

Squad Selection:

Tryouts will be judged by three Universal Cheer  Association judges.  The Headmaster and a School Board Member will be present as well.   

ALL accounts MUST be clear before the first official day of school or the student will be removed from the squad/team.  




Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 22 credits required for graduation.

4 – English

4 – Math

4 – Science

4 – Social Studies

½ - Computer 8th grade

1 – Computer 9th grade

1 – Art

2 – Foreign Language

½ - Senior Project

1 – Elective


Career and Technical Requirements

A minimum of 22 credits required for graduation.

4 – English

4 – Math

4 – Science

4 – Social Studies

½ - Computer 8th grade

1 – Computer 9th grade

1 – Foreign Language

½ - Senior Project

4 - Career and Technical (2 years)


Senior Honors (Graduation)

Honors and High Honors

Honors and High Honors will be based on grade point average from Grade 8 through the end of the 4th term progress reports for the senior year.  


A senior who has a grade point of average of 90-94.99 and has taken the required classes will be recognized as an honor graduate.

Students wanting to graduate with Honors must take the following required classes and maintain a GPA of 90-94.99.  

Choose one of the following English classes:

Honors English

English IV

English Composition I & II

Algebra III or higher

Choose one of the following sciences:




A senior who has a grade point of average of 95 or higher and has taken the required classes will be recognized as a high honor graduate.

Students wanting to graduate with High Honors must take the following required classes and maintain a GPA of 95 or higher.

Choose one of the following English classes:

Honors English

English IV

English Composition I & II

Algebra III, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry or higher

Choose one of the following sciences:




Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Historian, and Top Five (Presidential Scholars)

Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and Historian will be named from the graduating class.  

Students must have attended Simpson Academy for the entire junior year and senior year.  

The selection for Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Historian, and Top Five will be based on the highest, second highest, and third highest grade point average from all academic courses with Carnegie unit credit from Grade 8 through the end of the student’s 4th term progress report of the senior year.  

Additionally, these students must take the following advanced level courses while at Simpson Academy:

Honors English or English Composition I & II


Choose one from the following sciences:


Chemistry II



Accelerated/Honors Courses

The final averages of the accelerated courses will be given a weight of 1.025.  For example, a grade of 95 multiplied by 1.025 will result in a weighted grade of 97.375.  This weighted grade will be used only to determine the student’s GPA and will not replace the course grade on the cumulative folder.  Accelerated Courses offered at SCA include:

Honors English 9-12

English Composition I & II (12th grade English)






7th Grade Math

At the end of the 6th grade school year, the 6th grade math teacher will use classroom grades, ACT Aspire Data, and placement test to determine if student will take Fundamentals of Math or Pre-Algebra in the 7th grade.  


Credit Recovery/MAISnet

A maximum of two (2) units earned by Credit Recovery during 9-12 grades may be applied toward graduation.  

Credit Recovery Courses must be administered through MAISnet or BJU and should be supervised by the Headmaster or his designee.  

Students MAY NOT take courses for credit through other entities while enrolled at SCA.  The only exceptions would be scheduling conflict or credit recovery due to failure.  

Any courses not approved will not be counted on transcript.


Student Awards

Academic awards will be presented to those students who have the highest overall average in each area of study (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th term progress reports).  These awards will be presented to the students during the Academic Awards day at the end of the school year.  A student must have an overall 85 average and not be failing any class to qualify.  

9 Week Honor Recognition:  Each nine weeks, students in grades 7-12 will receive recognition in the local newspapers for maintaining high averages.

Headmaster’s List:  Students that maintain an average of 95-100 (High A) in each class will be on the Headmaster’s List.

Honor Roll:  Students that maintain a grade average of 85-94 in each class will be on the Honor Roll List.  

End of Year Recognition at Awards Day:

Headmaster’s List (Formerly High Honors) All A Honor Roll: Every student in grades 7-11 will receive recognition at Awards Day for having a 95 average in all subjects for all 4 terms. Grades will be taken from the Headmaster’s list per term (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th term progress report) to see which students maintained a 95 average per term per class.  On the report card, no grade can be lower than a 95 to qualify.  

Senior year grade averages for the purpose of determining academic honors and awards will be calculated by the following method:

Add first,second, third, and fourth nine weeks (up to progress report) grades and divide by four.  


Hall of Fame

A student must attend Simpson Academy for their entire junior and senior years to be eligible.  The student must show significant positive participation in school and community activities and display citizenship and sportsmanship at all times.  The student must have a cumulative grade point average of 85 or above.  Hall of Fame will be selected by vote of the faculty and administration.  


STAR Student Award

The Mississippi Economic council and its M.B. Swayze Educational Foundation sponsor the Student-Teacher Recognition (STAR) Program in an effort to encourage scholastic achievement among the state's high school students. The student must have an ACT score of at least 25 and an overall average of 93 or above. In case of a tie then steps are used to break the tie. The December ACT testing date is the final eligible score.


Grade System for grades 7-12:




Below 70……………..………F



Seventh and Eighth grade students that fail a core subject (Math, English, Science, History) will be retained and/or required to retake the class through MSAISnet.  

Ninth through Twelfth grade Students must remain on “Track” to graduate.  If a grade level core course (see chart below) is failed, the student must retake the course the following summer through MSAISnet to earn the credit.  Only two credit recovery or online course credits through MSAISnet are allowed to be applied toward graduation.  The family is responsible for the cost.  

MSAISnet is offered through Mississippi Association of Independent Schools. The courses and programs offered by MSAISnet are fully accredited by AdvancED/SACS-CASI and the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools.  MSAISnet is the only credit recovery credits accepted by Simpson County Academy.  The school counselor will enroll the student in the course and perform the duties of mentor throughout the course.  

A student that is not on Track to graduate due to lack of credits in core courses or

failing grades throughout the year, may result in the student falling behind his or her scheduled completion track and require an additional school year for the student to graduate with the required core class credits.  

Core Course Track:  If a core subject is failed during the school year, the student must take a credit recovery class through MSAISnet the following summer.  Failure to do so may result in the student becoming off track to graduate.

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade

Algebra I or Geometry

Geometry or Algebra II

Algebra II, Algebra III, or PreCalculus/Trigonometry

Algebra III or Calculus

English I

English II

English III

English IV

Biology I

Biology II or Physical Science

Chemistry I

A&P, Chemistry II, or Physics

MS Studies/Geography

World History

American History



Spanish I

Spanish II



SCA will adhere to the MAIS absentee policy which states, “No student shall be promoted to the next grade whose absences exceed 20 days per year, “even if they are considered “excused”.

Ninth through twelfth grade students must earn the required number of credits to be classified as Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.  (See Classification of Students)


Classification of Students:  

9th Grade – Passed 8th grade

10th Grade – Earned 5 credits

11th Grade – Earned 11 credits

12th Grade – Earned 18 credits


Grade Averaging Methods:

Grades for each nine weeks/term will be based on:

Test (60%) + Quiz (40%) = term average

Grades for semester one and semester two will be based on:

Term 1 (20%) + Term 2 (20%) + Semester I Exam (10%) = Semester 1 average

Term 3 (20%) + Term 4 (20%) + Semester 2 Exam (10%) = Semester 2 average

Grades for the year/final averages are based on:

Semester 1 average (50%) + Semester 2 average (50%) = Final year average

Senior year grade averages for the purpose of determining academic honors and awards will be calculated by the following method:

Add 1st semester average, 3rd nine weeks average, and 4th nine weeks average up to progress report grades and divide by three.   

Teachers must have a minimum of eight grades per nine weeks.


Grade Reports

Parents have access to student’s grades, attendance, homework, and test schedule through RenWeb.  

Report cards should be posted to RenWeb a week after the end of a term unless unforeseen circumstances arise.  Reports will not be printed and sent home.  



Exemptions are only permitted at the end of each course.  

A one-year course exemption is based on 1st semester average, 3rd nine weeks average, and 4th nine weeks average added together and divided by three.

A one-semester course exemption is based on the two nine weeks averages added together and divided by two.  

Grades will be calculated the Thursday prior to exams and exemptions will be announced the Friday prior to exams.  

Examination exemptions are permitted subject to the following:

Grades 7-11:  93 average or above for the entire course

Seniors:          90 average or above for the entire course

Exemptions do not apply to college dual credit classes.  


Summer Reading, Science Fair, Reading Fair

Summer reading is required for grades 7-11.  English teachers provide detailed information about the requirements and due dates.  

Science Fair is required for grades 7-11.  Science and English teachers will work together to provide information, requirements, and due dates.  

Reading Fair is required for grades 7-11.  This will be done in conjunction with Summer Reading.  The English teachers will provide information, requirements, and due dates.  


Testing Program

A variety of standardized tests are offered to students who attend SCA.  

3rd  – 10th grade students will take the ACT Aspire test.  

10th and 11th grade students that take Honors English will take the PSAT.  Students that take regular English can take the test by request.  The P-SAT is the route of entry to National Merit Scholarship competitions and provides needed college entrance test-taking experience.  

Juniors will take the ASVAB.  The test is administered by the Armed Services, providing vocational and aptitude information to assist students in making career choices.  

Juniors and Seniors are required to take the ACT that is given during the week at SCA.  The Juniors will take it in the Spring and the Seniors will take it in the Fall.  Parents are responsible for the testing fee.  

ACT will be given at SCA on Saturday according to the national schedule.  Students are required to have taken the ACT in order to graduate from SCA.  

Students will be charged appropriate fees for each test.


Clubs and Organizations

Mu Alpha Theta

Mu Alpha Theta is a national honorary mathematics society; the beginning letters spell M-A-TH.  Its purpose is to recognize students who excel in math and to promote interest in mathematics.  Membership is by invitation, and inductions are held in the spring each year for rising juniors and seniors.  To become a member of Mu Alpha Theta, the following requirements must be met:

Completed five semester of college preparatory math (usually Algebra I, Geometry, and first semester of Algebra II)

Currently enrolled in math class

4.0 GPA in all math courses taken since 8th grade.  

MAIS Honor Society 7-12

Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 95 or above at the end of each term.

Leadership requirements include a demonstration of leadership in school as well as outside of school.

Service requirements include involvement in service projects since the start of the high school career (9th grade).

Character requirements include integrity, positive behavior, ethics, cooperation, and reliability in and out of school, and classroom maturity.  

New members will be invited at the end of second term and an induction ceremony will be during third term.  

MAIS Membership fee is $5.00.

MAIS Pins can be purchased for $5.00.    

Each senior will receive a diploma seal.


NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse  

As a prospective student-athlete at a Division I or II institution, you have certain responsibilities to attend before you may participate. Information concerning who needs to register with the clearinghouse and what documents should be submitted can be found at Prospective student-athletes should begin this process during the second semester of their junior year or the first semester of their senior year.


Plan of Study (TRACK)  7-12:  

Students must take an academic course, elective course, or participate in a sport for each period they are on campus.  Students will not be allowed to have an off period.  Seniors do not have any courses scheduled for 6th and 7th period other than senior project.  Juniors do not have any courses scheduled for 7th period.

Each grade level will have a logical sequence of courses that are either required or may be chosen.  It is important that the students follow the sequence to ensure that courses will be offered when needed.  The course selection will be different for students depending on if a student desires to achieve honors, high honors, MS Scholars, and/or Val/Sal/His or go to the Career and Technical Center.  


Dual Enrollment/College Courses

English Composition I & II, and Art:  These are the only dual credit courses SCA offers as of now.  The courses will take the place of Senior English and Art.  The grade for the college course will also be the grade for Senior English and Art.  The grade will be factored into the high school GPA.  Exemptions do not apply to college classes.  

Juniors and Seniors may take college online classes to receive college credit if they meet the requirements.  


Grievance Procedure

If a parent has a grievance against a member of the Simpson  Academy staff:

Contact the headmaster and discuss the situation.  The parent may call the school and have the secretary set up an appointment for them to meet with the headmaster.

If the parents are still not satisfied, the parents may request to be put on the agenda for the next board meeting.  A request to be added to the agenda must be made at least seven days prior to the meeting.  At this time, the parents may present their discontent to the entire Board of Directors.


Simpson County Academy Student Handbook

Elementary School Supplement

Principal - Marney Walker

Lead Teacher - Wendy Gibson

Secretary - Nina Grubbs

Records - Tracy Paes


Support Staff:

Cafeteria - Sybil Blair, Donna Massey, Karen Benton

Early Care -  Andrea Phillipson

After Care -  Donna Massey

P.E. - Linda Dear/Adam Evans

Music -  Jane Griffith

Art - Mitzi Shows

Library - Dana Carrico

Computer -Dana Carrico

Accelerated Reading/Step Up 360:  Emily Craft


Elementary Teachers:

K3 - Aimee Richardson, Celeste Holyfield

K3 Assistant:

K4 - Jennifer Green, Frannee Robinson

K4 Assistant - Katrina Gipson

K5 - Kecia Mullins, Kristen Wall

K5 Assistants - Malisa Jones/Jessica Yates

1st - Kelli Groover, Kasey Wester

2nd - Kara Polk, Emily Gary

3rd - Kari Purvis, Jan Stuckey

4th - Leslie O’Neal, Whitney Bowen, Jenny Pepper

5th/6th - Allyson Berch, Staci Cockrell, Tawesia Meador, Deborah Sullivan


Special Notice  

Rules, regulations, guidelines, or policies outlined in the Junior High-Senior High division of this handbook, but not specifically written in the Elementary section, will apply to the Elementary grades (Kindergarten through grade 6), whenever applicable.  



Additional information will be added to your handbook as the need arises. Each student will be expected to be aware of the contents of the handbook as posted on the website. As new punishable infractions arise, an activity period will be devoted to informing the students of any additional rules and the punishment for the rules.  


The purpose of this handbook is to acquaint pupils, teachers, and patrons with necessary information concerning the organization and administration of Simpson

County Academy.  


We trust that you will find the handbook of value in understanding the questions that will arise during the school year. If you do not find herein the information desired, please inquire at the Headmaster’s office.  


Threat Policy  

Any individual that threatens Simpson Academy or staff member of SCA in person, by mail, or electronically, will be subject to one year of probation, including being banned from the campus and all activities during probation. Further incidents will result in expulsion.  


After School Care  

In an effort to serve the needs of working parents, an after school program is offered for Simpson County Academy students in Kindergarten through 6th grade. The purpose of the program is to provide a safe, supervised, structured environment for students from 3:00-6:00 pm each school day. When SCA attends ½ day, the hours will be from 12:00-4:00 pm. In the event that school must be dismissed early due to emergency conditions such as weather, parents will be responsible for arranging pick up for their children. No after care will be provided on those days. Fees must remain current to ensure your child’s continued participation. On normal days children who are not picked up by 3:10 will go to After-Care, and parents will be charged accordingly.  


Art Contest  

Elementary students will participate in a District Art Contest. Qualified judges will judge entries, and first place winners will participate in the District Art Contest. This event is sponsored by the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools. Our students will also participate in the poster contest by the Mississippi Counseling Association.  



The school day will begin at SCA at 8:00 am each day and will end at 2:45 pm. Teachers will be on duty in their classrooms at 7:30 am each morning. Students who must be dropped off earlier than that should go to the elementary cafeteria. They will be supervised there until 7:30 am when they will be sent to their classrooms.


Regular and punctual attendance on the part of all students is necessary for success in school. Frequent absences affect achievement, interest in school activities and eventually attitude toward school. Attendance is recorded on permanent records in the office, and may be viewed by college authorities or employers. It is therefore important that pupils be in school and on time. Absences resulting from personal illness, serious illness in the family, death in the family, or other extraordinary circumstances approved by the principal will be “excused”. A student is permitted to make up work missed during an excused absence if he presents a written excuse from the parent when he or she returns to class. The excuse should contain the student’s name, the date of each day he or she has been absent, and the reason for the absence. The excuse must be signed by the parent. If the student was seen by a doctor while he was absent, the doctor’s excuse should also be sent.  


Leaving school early also causes a student to miss classroom activities and instruction. Only in unavoidable cases should a student be taken out of school before close of the day. Parents who must pick a child up early should go to the office and sign the student out. Please do not go directly to your child’s room for dismissal. Under no circumstances should a student leave school without proper notification.   

SCA will adhere to the MAIS absentee policy which states, “No student shall be promoted to the next grade whose absences exceed 20 days per year, “even if they are considered “excused”.

The school calendar includes ample vacation days during the year. Please make every effort to arrange family trips during those regular vacation days and not during the school days. Classwork and tests missed during an unexcused absence must be made up on the day the student returns to class. Work missed during an excused absence may be made up within a maximum of five days. Help your student to remember that it is his/her responsibility to make arrangements with the teacher for making up work as soon as possible after an absence. Work not made up within the time allotted will be recorded as a “0”.


Students who arrive at school after 8:00 am will be considered tardy. Parents should come to the office and sign the child in. The students will be given an admission slip for class. Please make every effort to have your child at school on time each day. This shows your respect for the teacher and helps teach the child the value of being punctual. Three tardies will be excused each nine weeks. After that three additional tardies will equal one absence.


Academic Assessment  

At the end of each nine-week term, teachers will assess each student’s progress in all subject areas. Comprehensive term and semester tests will be given to students in grades 5 and 6. These tests combined with the daily work, quizzes and unit tests will provide a measure of the student’s progress toward mastery of grade level skills. Students in grades 2-4 will be given term grades based on classroom work, homework, and unit tests. Report cards will be available on-line through RenWeb. K-3 students will receive report cards for the fall, winter, and spring. Any K-5 student that does not master kindergarten objectives will be assessed accordingly. Retention or promotion will be under the discretion of the student support team and the administration.  


Kindergarten children will be given Progress Reports each nine weeks. Several methods of assessment will be used including skills check lists, daily observation, formal and informal testing. Classwork will be sent home to parents weekly.  

Because these written reports are brief, we urge you to communicate with your child’s teacher often. Call the office to schedule a conference each term for a more complete discussion of your child’s progress, including work habit and attitudes.  


Honor Roll  

SCA will publish an all A Honor Roll, an A/B Honor Roll, and an all B Honor Roll. Students who have an A in every subject will be on the all A Honor Roll. Students who have an A or B in every subject will be on the A/B Honor Roll. Students with all B’s will be on the all B Honor Roll.   


Elementary Grading System

95-100 A    85-94  B    75-84  C    70-74  D    69 and below F


Any student who fails mathematics or reading will not be promoted. Any student who fails more than one subject will not be promoted.  



Each spring, students grades 3-6 will take the ACT ASPIRE TEST.

All students K-6 will be tested periodically during the school year using STAR Reading and Math assessments.


Activity Periods  

Because SCA believes that extracurricular activities are important, our students attend classes each week in art, music, library, and physical education. Students are asked to participate with a cooperative attitude, good conduct, and enthusiasm.  


Awards Program  

Based on the student’s academic performance for the four terms of the school year, the following awards will be presented at the SCA Elementary Awards Program:

High Honors (Grades 1-6) Students with an average of 95 or higher are recognized in Math, Reading, Spelling, Science, Social Studies, and English.

Honors (Grades 1-6) Students with an average of 94-85 are recognized in Math, Reading, Spelling, Science, Social Studies, and English.

Highest Average Subject Awards (Grades 4,5 and 6) Students with the highest average for four terms in Reading, Spelling, English, Math, Science, and Social Studies will receive an award in the subject. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be given an award. Ties will be recognized.

K3, K-4, K-5: Students will receive a certificate recognizing their efforts and achievement. Accounts must be current for students to participate in awards programs.  

Additionally, students will be recognized for outstanding character, citizenship,  MAIS Awards and for showing improvement. Recognition for effort and for excellent work encourages our students to continue doing their best in all areas of their lives.

Bus Rules  

SCA is happy to offer bus transportation to and from Collins, Mt. Olive, and Magee. Because the driver’s main responsibility is the safety of all onboard, these rules must be obeyed:  

1. Students must obey all directions given by the driver.

2. Students must always be respectful to the driver and to other students.

3. Students must remain seated at all times.

4. No objects can be thrown from the bus and no body parts extended out of the window.

5. Use a soft conversational voice on the bus. Avoid loud talking, singing, or yelling.

6. Students may not eat or drink on the bus.

Any student who habitually disobeys the above rules is subject to bus suspension.

Campus Parking  

Elementary parents are asked not to leave cars unattended in any driveway or on the playground road. Parking spaces for parents and visitors are designated in front of the Elementary Office. Please be careful not to block the faculty parking spaces when you deliver students to school each day.    

Dress Code  

The uniform dress requirements at SCA are designed to promote neatness, modesty, and a classic, distinctive look. Student attire and appearance will be checked each morning.

K3 and K4 Students –

Approved dress code polo shirts (with SCA logo), denim or khaki shorts/pants and sturdy shoes.

K5 – 6th Grade –

Approved dress code polo shirts (with SCA logo) and outerwear are to be purchased from 4 Sunz Sports & Graphics (Formerly Bob’s Athletic Center in Magee). The polos and outerwear are to be worn Monday through Thursday. On Friday, SCA t-shirts and sweatshirts may be worn. Shirts must be tucked in.

Pants, shorts or skorts of appropriate finger-tip length, or capris of khaki color or blue denim may be worn. Belts must be worn. Students in K-3-grade 3 will not be required to wear belts.  

Sturdy shoes or sandals must be worn. All shoe laces must be tied. Flip-flops are not appropriate for the playground.

Boys should have no extreme haircuts. Hair should be a suitable length and well groomed.

Girls should have no extreme haircuts or colors.

Males may have no ornamental piercing. Girls may have no visible body piercings except on the earlobes.

No hats, caps, headbands, bandanas, or sunglasses will be allowed.

Cheerleaders may wear cheerleading uniforms to school on game days. Students participating in sports may wear their jerseys or wind suits on game days.

Permanent tattoos shall not be visible.      


Student Conduct  

SCA is a community based on respect for all members of the community and on the Golden Rule. All students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful, responsible manner at all times. Good manners, self-control, politeness, and a positive attitude will enhance the learning environment on our campus and in our classrooms. Violations of school rules, inappropriate behavior, and other negative styles of conduct will not be tolerated.   


We expect good behavior from our students; however if inappropriate behavior occurs, it will be most often handled by the classroom teacher in a reasonable and positive manner. Verbal correction, taking away privileges, time out, and similar procedures are effective for most students. When these offenses persist and patterns develop, parents will be contacted and the principal will become involved.  

Some discipline situations demand more prompt and direct attention. Corporal punishment, paddling, may be used by the teacher or administration when a student willfully disobeys school rules or is a repeat offender. This will be done with parental consent and in the presence of another faculty member. A record of inappropriate behavior and measures used to correct it will be kept by the teacher or principal.  


Severe behavior may be cause for in-school or out-of-school suspension. Such behavior includes:

*Refusal to obey or threatening school personnel

*Fighting or physical abuse

*Profane language, obscene gestures



*Extortion, threatening, harassment, bullying, cyber bullying, cruelty

*Vandalism of school property or another student’s property

*Causing problems on the bus   

A student caught cheating will be suspended for 1-3 days and he/she will receive a 0 for the test he/she cheated on. The student’s grade will be adjusted by the administration at the end of the 9 week period in which the cheating occurred as per the Handbook.

During in-school suspension, a student will spend the day away from the regular classroom, lose all privileges for the day, and work in isolation. Parents will be notified. Please note the regulations regarding weapons in the Elementary School from the High School section of this handbook. Parents will be asked to sign a form stating approval of SCA’s disciplinary policy.  

Cell phones  

Students may not use cell phones during the school day. The high school policy regarding cell phones applies to Elementary students also.

District Spelling Bee

One student will be selected from each grade (4, 5, & 6) to participate in the District Spelling Bee sponsored by the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools. First and second place winners from each grade will be recognized by the school.  


Extracurricular Activities and Elections  

As assessment of yearly averages from the previous school year will be made early August to determine a student’s eligibility for participation in extracurricular activities and/or elections. Some activities may require higher standards in addition to the minimum requirements. All accounts must be current for participation in extracurricular activities. Mr. & Miss SCA Elementary will be 6th graders and will be elected by the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classes.  


To be eligible a student:

*Must have an overall 85 average or above for the two previous years and the nine week term preceding the election.   

*Cannot have a failing average in any subject for the term preceding the election.

*Must have attended Simpson Academy for the entire previous year.

*Must have a current account with the business office.  

Lunchroom Procedures  

SCA Elementary offers nutritious, tasty lunches for our students. Choices for lunch will be sent home each week by your child’s teacher. Because of ordering food, we will need to make choices one week ahead. The envelopes with choices marked must be returned on Monday so that ordering for the following week can be completed. Students will not be allowed to order on a daily basis. Students may bring their lunch from home and/or beverages in a thermos. Students are expected to remain quiet and use good manners during the lunch period. Tables and floor should be kept clean. “Quiet conversation” will make the time a pleasant experience for everyone. Inappropriate behavior including loud talking will not be tolerated. Classes will sit together with teachers supervising.  


Parent-Teacher Communication

SCA Elementary encourages regular communication between parents and teachers. Weekly take-home papers, emails, and report cards are part of this process. A weekly grade report will be emailed via RenWeb each Sunday. Occasionally more communication may be necessary. Feel free to contact your child’s teacher whenever you have questions or concerns. However, please respect the family time of our teachers at night, on weekends, and at social events. Parent-teacher conferences should be scheduled immediately after school or during the teacher’s planning period. Conferences should be held in the Principal’s office. Call the Elementary office to leave a message for your child’s teacher or to schedule a conference. We strongly recommend that you have at least two conferences during the year- one in the fall and one in the spring.  

Please note:  

The following topics are addressed in the High School section of the Handbook and apply to Elementary students also: Weapons, Internet Use Policy, Emergency School Dismissal, Textbooks, and Library.