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Simpson County Academy’s mission is to prepare students for college and career.  The curriculum is college preparatory and meets the recommendations of Institutes of Higher Learning.  The school year is divided into four nine-week reporting periods. 

K3-3rd classrooms are self-contained.  The students receive instruction in all subjects by their homeroom teacher. 

4th-6th classes are departmentalized.  The homeroom teacher will teach social studies to their class.  

7th-12th graders meet on a traditional seven-period day schedule, Monday through Friday. 


Academic Opportunities:

Dual Enrollment through Copiah Lincoln Community College

Spelling Bee

Honor Roll


MAIS Honor Society


Mu Alpha Theta

Quiz Bowl

Mississippi College Math and Science Tournament


Academic Success: 

100% acceptance at colleges and universities

Scholarship offerings each year in excess of $1,000,000



2016-2017 Class Officers

12th Grade:

President - Shelby Carrico

Vice President - Jacob Holbrook

Secretary - Caylee Yelverton

Treasurer - Mark Jeffrey Hubbard

Reporter - Ethan Brewer

11th Grade:

President - Sarah Berry

Vice President - Callie Slover

Secretary - Madison Jones

Treasurer - Bayleigh Prather

Reporter - Hannah Holbrook

10th Grade:

President -  Jimmy Anderson

Vice President -  Kylie Roberts

Secretary - Austin Creel

Treasurer - Marleigh Mangum

Reporter - Adeline Bond

9th Grade:

President - Mason Kennedy

Vice President - John Cole Giordano

Secretary - Sabra Hubbard

Treasurer - Jessie Magee

Reporter - Anna Grace Rogers

8th Grade:

President - Cooper Carrico

Vice President - Rayelle Nations

Secretary - Mary Margaret White

Treasurer - Mollie Jones

Reporter - Brooks Williams

7th Grade:

President - Caroline White

Vice President - Megan Maddox

Secretary - Reagan Ishee

Treasurer - Haley Williamson

Reporter - Kaylea Barr