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2017 Summer Reading



Before starting, be sure that your teacher has approved your selected book for grade level appropriateness. Remember that school email is the BEST way to communicate with your teacher.


Select a book and have it approved by your teacher.

Read the book and complete the items listed below.

Tri-fold boards will be due later in the school year.

The summer reading assignment will be due via Google Classroom on Thursday, Aug. 10. Any assignments turned in after this will be considered late, and points will be deducted.

Assignments will be graded for completeness, grammar, and content. A test grade will be given for the Summer Reading Assignment. It is not optional. Anyone who does not complete the assignment will receive a test grade of 0.


Copy and paste the following onto a new Google Document in Google Classroom and fill in the required information. You can NOT type on this document; you must CREATE A NEW DOCUMENT ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM OR COPY AND PASTE INTO A NEW DOCUMENT.


Title, Author, Publisher and date of Publication, Illustrator

Author’s Biography



Plot Map OR Timeline (Graphically illustrate the main events of the story on either a timeline or plot graph - Pick one - you are not required to do both)


Point of View

Main Characters and how they are important to the plot


Author’s Purpose


Reminder: This information should come from the student after he or she has read a grade-level appropriate book for summer reading. This should not be a summary of a summary or a variation of something found on the internet. It should be original work by the student. Copying and pasting or changing out a few words here and there is considered plagiarism and will receive a grade of 0%.

If you are having trouble coming up with a book, here are a few links that might help. These are suggested reading titles for age groups. As always, we advise parents to be proactive in your child’s book choice to ensure that the content is appropriate.

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